Valentin the Degu: Reference Sheet.

My name is Valentin, and I'm a Degu. It's a rodent species from Chile.

I live in Estonia.

My mother language is Russian. I also speak English, Estonian and German languages.

I like Degus, Furries, Vore, Linux and Electrical Engineering <3

This is my personal website, where I share things... that I think deserve to be shared.

My specialty in Electrical Engineering is: Power Electronics and Electrical Drives.

Currently I'm designing Large Three-Phase Synchronous Generators with rated power up to 25 MV·A and voltage up to 15 kV. Previously I performed quality checks and electrical testing of compact secondary substations with rated power up to 6.6 MV·A and voltage up to 24 kV. At home I built various electronic devices: audio amplifier based on TDA7294, half-bridge switching power supply, data acquisition and remote control device based on Arduino MKR WiFi 1010.

Currently I'm using Manjaro Linux on my desktop PC and on my personal server.

Hope you like it being here! *awkward smile*