By ValkaTR, 12 September, 2023

Well, it's not a question whether I wanted to be a mouse.
It's just sorta happens to you.
All of the sudden you realize, that it is what you want to be.

By ValkaTR, 10 August, 2023

Degu is such a cute little animal. Not a mouse nor a rat, but a separate independent species of rodents related to the chinchilla, capybara and guinea pig. Degu reminds me of a platypus, which is like a mixture of different species. Degus have the muzzle of a capybara, the tail of a gerbil, and the habits of a chinchilla or squirrel. A degu can be recognized by the brush at the tip of the tail, the light fur around the eyes, the gray color of the skin, the fur over the paws and even the fingers, and what appear to be human-shaped ears.

By ValkaTR, 24 July, 2020

suppose you are going to sleep and have a dream

you encounter a magical spirit that looks like a little glowing orb.

it asks: do you want to become a mouse?

and then you wake up from the alarm.

you go to work. do the work and come back, rest, and sleep again.

the same dream repeats several times and eventually you just answer: yes!

you wake up from the alarm and turned it off.

you discover that your hand is covered in white fur.

you touch your face and feel that its shape changed.