Common Furry Vore Roleplay Terms

By ValkaTR, 19 April, 2023

The following is a list of role play terms that are commonly found everywhere in the vore community.

  • Vore — A tricky word that includes too much to be easily specified; a group-name for most of the fetishes displayed on this site.

    One could say that it originates from consuming someone whole, but consumption usually means eating, and eating involves digestion, which isn't necessary when some speak of vore.

    Either way, one has to look at more specific areas to be able to understand vore. Vore in itself is just a way to group a bunch of sub-fetishes with something in common, but to specify that something isn't easy, because the variety between the sub-fetishes is so wide.

    Someone into the fetish would be a "voreaphile," "vorarephile," or "voraphile." There are possibly a few other spellings of the word.

    Some would argue that vore involves everything that involves a person enveloping another, but that isn't always true. A hard vore fan looking from the prey side is hardly enjoying the enveloping part and people in it for the digestion would argue that they are in it for exactly the opposite reason: because they are going to be pushed out of the predator, not because they are going to be enveloped by it. However, Endosomatophilia certainly can be linked tightly to vore in many occasions.

Character Components:

  • Pred — Being the Predator. As in the person who is doing the eating, the hunting. Can also imply being the dominant side in a relationship. The Master/Mistress. Top. Etc.
  • Prey — Prey is the one who get eaten or consumed or otherwise stuffed inside someone else. It also loosely means bottom, slave, or pet in many situations.

Vore Components:

  • Soft Vore — Vore that generally causes no harms prior to ingestion, swallowing someone whole, for example.
  • Mawshot — Mawshot refers to a Point-of-View (PoV) image of a predator's gaping mouth as if it was about to ingest the viewer. In vore art, the mawshot is a common theme. Such art may also include a small figure trying to climb up a predator's tongue to avoid  being swallowed. Other mawshot subjects may simply be an explicit view inside a creature's mouth, without ingestion or implied ingestion.
  • Hard Vore — Refers to scenarios where there is significant injury to the prey in the act of being consumed. It is also sometimes referred to as rip and chew. Hard vore usually involves biting, tearing and blood. It does not necessary mean pain will be part of a scenario, though this is often a component.
  • Digestion — The act of breaking down food into nutrition.
  • Fatality — A fatality is where the prey dies. Fatality can be viewed differently depending on perspective. For some, it is considered fatal if the prey will be digested or absorbed. For others, it is not considered fatal as long as the prey will reform afterward, either on their own, by magical or other means, or by the wish of the predator.
  • Reforming — Reforming is a process by which a consumed prey will be reformed outside the predator after being consumed. This gives a player an "out" in which their character will not be killed with finality. Reforming is a method to prevent having to make a new character every time they get eaten. Whether by magic or by other biological or scientific means, they will somehow return to life.
  • Endo — Stands for Endosomatophilia, the term is taken from Greek, "endos" (inside) + "soma" (body) + "philos" (love) or literally, loving being inside another's body. Generally understood as vore without digestion or killing. Prey in this case are simply inside the predator with no particular focus on changing the prey. 
  • Oral Vore — Consuming someone orally.
  • Unbirthing — Taking someone inside their female genital.
  • Cock Vore — Ingesting someone with their male genital.
  • Anal Vore — Consuming someone anally... literally.
  • Breast Vore — Taking someone into their breast, might or might not imply cleavage, but usually not.
  • Tail Vore — Consuming someone with their tail.
  • Vampiric Vore — Drinking someone's blood.
  • Soul vore — Consuming someone's Soul
  • Unconventional Vore — Vore types that are not listed. Tentacles vore, blob vore, absorption, hair vore, wing vore, finger nail vore, whatever. You might need to specify.
  • Stretchy — Whether this character is intended for situation that involves the use of stretchiness, possibly physics-defying.
  • Realistic — Whether this character is intended for situations that involve a realistic sense of vore physics.
  • Anything Goes — Surprise me / I will surprise you.
  • Cooking — Involving cooking, most likely with live ingredient.
  • Food Related — Involving food play. Mainly to treat someone as food, possibly as nothing but food. Put someone together with food, sauce, etc.

Fetish Components:

  • Rough — Situation that involves being rough.
  • Gentle — Situation that involves being gentle.
  • Sex — If you don't know what sex is, consult your parents.
  • Pain — Situation that involves pain.
  • Transformation — Situation that involves transformation, whether gender, appearance, species, or anything else about the character, can be changed.
  • Blood — Situation that involves causing loss of blood by various means. (see [[Blood]])
  • Scat — Situation that involves solid byproducts of the digestion system, shit, crap, whatever you want to call it.
  • Watersports — Situation that involves fluid byproducts of the digestion system, urine.
  • Disposal — Disposal vs. Scat - Its the difference between post vore disposal of remains (Including means other than scat) vs. scat in circumstances other than just post-vore.
  • Bondage — Situation that involves somebody being tied up, by ropes, chains, or other attachments. Not necessary tentacles.
  • Magic — Situation that involves no scientific sense. Basically, Magic.

Partner Components:

  • Willing — This refers to whether a character is willing to engage in vore or not. Some character find the idea of being eaten attractive and may actively seek it in character.
  • Unwilling — This refers to whether a character enjoy being taken against their will. Whether to be eaten, or in some case even being an unwilling predator.
  • Micro/Macro — Whether this character is intended for interaction with vast size different between characters.
  • Same Size — Whether this character is intended for interaction with similarly-sized characters.
  • Male Partner — Whether this character is intended for interaction with males.
  • Female Partner — Whether this character is intended for interaction with females.
  • Herm Partner — Whether this character is intended for interaction with hermaphrodite; characters with both sets of sexual genitals from male and female at the same time.
  • Human Partner — Whether this character is intended for interaction with humans.
  • Demi partner — Whether this character is intended for interaction with half-humans, like a catgirl, for example.
  • Fur Partner — Whether this character is intended for interaction with furries 
  • Scaly Partner — Whether this character is intended for interaction with scaled characters 
  • Feathered Partner — Whether this character is intended for interaction with feathered characters 
  • Plants — Whether this character is intended for interaction with plant lifeforms.
  • Animal / non-morphic Partner — Whether this character is intended for interaction with animal, non-humanoid, or generally non-morphic characters.
  • Non-intelligent character Partner — Whether this character is intended for interaction with non-sentient characters. Similar to animal. Generally, a character that can not grasp the understanding of speech and culture.

Roleplay Components:

  • Verbose post — Someone who likes to fill their post with more words. 5 lines or more on a 1024*768 windows with standard font size is generally considered to be on the "verbose" side. However, there is no real upper limit.
  • Quick post — Some people prefer exchanges in actions with smaller posts instead of a large posts.
  • Evolving character — This character is interested in developing and changing after roleplay events.
  • Break 4th wall ( Out of chat world / Out of Character) — Character knowing something that only the player should know about, or react upon them. This character might make fun or fool around with the fact that himself/herself is a character. This does not mean the character will behave out of its normal characteristic, since such a behavior is still part of a character's characteristics.
  • Staying in character ( In Chat world / In Character ) — Character does not know he/she is a character, does not break 4th wall. Does not obtain information only accessible by the player.
  • Surprise me — It is okay to surprise this character, possibly with something unconventional. This usually does not mean doing something they normally don't like.
  • Multi session — Character design for a long term roleplay, possibly a story.
  • Group roleplay — This character would like to play with more then one people at the same time.
  • Vore game — Vore battle, Truth or Dare, Werewolf, or any other type of game that might involve dice or seem closer to a game rather than a roleplay.
  • Grab and Gulp — Character designed for jumping straight into action.
  • Whisper — Whether it is okay to whisper this person.
  • Public — Whether roleplay in public is acceptable.
  • Private — Whether roleplay in private is preferred.