By ValkaTR, 5 March, 2024

imagine a doomsday - suddenly every one who wanted to be a furry, becomes furry, including macro and magic stuff. macros walking around in all cities stomping, yiffing and stuff. ppl run around, chaos and destruction

i'd be a pink-white mouse flying around shooting lazer of destruction from my mouth screaming at skyscrapers. i hate them

but there'd also be good macros that try to save ppl from chaos and desctruction

By ValkaTR, 23 December, 2023
"Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence" (a.k.a., the Sagan standard) was a phrase made popular by Carl Sagan.
By ValkaTR, 12 September, 2023

Well, it's not a question whether I wanted to be a mouse.
It's just sorta happens to you.
All of the sudden you realize, that it is what you want to be.

By ValkaTR, 7 September, 2023

It is convinient to have a quick script that let convert zoo of various different formats like .webm, .mkv, .avi and other to .mp4, that is playable and supported on majority of devices. Like when you downloaded some videomeme and want to share it with friends in telegram, but telegram doesn't support .webm that well, especially on mobile, and after upload it appears as a file instead of conviniently playable video.


By ValkaTR, 7 September, 2023

“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.”

i really hope, that incomprehensible cosmic chaos, in the end, will allow us to shine and thrive. i will keep working hard towards this goal and urge others not to give up.


By ValkaTR, 5 September, 2023

trying as hard as i can.
hoping for the best.
preparing for the worst...


By ValkaTR, 10 August, 2023

Degu is such a cute little animal. Not a mouse nor a rat, but a separate independent species of rodents related to the chinchilla, capybara and guinea pig. Degu reminds me of a platypus, which is like a mixture of different species. Degus have the muzzle of a capybara, the tail of a gerbil, and the habits of a chinchilla or squirrel. A degu can be recognized by the brush at the tip of the tail, the light fur around the eyes, the gray color of the skin, the fur over the paws and even the fingers, and what appear to be human-shaped ears.